M82 demountable partition

The M82 is the most flexible and functional system on the Movinord demountable partition range. It adapts to the needs of each organisation, facilitates change and ensures user comfort.


  • Solves the entire work space layout. Allows both for areas which require privacy and others which transmit openness; site wall and column joins are dealt with through D82 Wall cover, while Movinords Storage wall system caters for storage space.
  • Enhances user concentration thanks to outstanding acoustic insulation: Rw = 45 dB (blind module A); Rw = 44 dB (mixed glazed module B2v); Rw = 37 dB (door module J) per EN ISO 140-3.
  • Guarantees personal safety through fire resistance RF 30 and PF 60 per UNE EN1364-1 and UNE 23093; up to RF 90' per UNE 23802:1979, on special solutions and resistance to impact per CER.F.F.
  • Its general accessibility and easy-wiring access aids utility maintenance.
  • Allows for space redistribution without call for halting work in the building; quick-to-assemble and demount thanks to its visible splice profiles. The modules are 100% reusable and interchangeable (per CER.F.F. cloisons amovibles) making changes almost cost free
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