M92 demountable partition

The distinguishing feature of the M92 system is its hidden profiling design characterised by indented bottom runners and suspended panels separated by 10-mm grooves. Recommended for use in work spaces where a premium is placed on the working environment and which aim to project a certain image.


  • Solves the entire interior space layout. Allows both for areas which require privacy and others which transmit openness; site wall and column joins are dealt with through D92 Wall cover, while Movinord?s Storage wall system caters for storage space.
  • Ensures user comfort thanks to outstanding acoustic insulation:
  • Rw = 41.3 dB (blind module A) per UNE 74040.
  • Its general accessibility and easy-wiring access aids utility maintenance.
  • Allows for redistribution and reorganisation without call for halting work in the building; easy-to-assemble and demount thanks to the splice joints which mark the grooves and the perimeter glass-stops used on glazed modules.
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