Movable partition

Movinord?s movable partition system solves multiuse area management requirements, allowing areas to be used in their entirety or divided up in a flash. Comprising independent, retractable modules which glide via carrying blocks with ball bearings along a track fixed to the ceiling and which are inter-assembled to form a solid wall.


  • Made-to-measure to meet the conversion requirements of each area. Two suspension systems ?single and double? and different module parking options.
  • Divides space without leaving a trace thanks to the absence of floor tracks.
  • Easy and silent operation via crank handle.
  • Ensures user comfort in the different compartments that it creates thanks to outstanding acoustic insulation: Rw = 43 dB, per UNE 74040.
  • Blends in aesthetically with Movinord?s demountable partition range.
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