Storage wall

Movinord's Storage wall system blends in both aesthetically and technically with the M82 and M92 demountable partition systems. Thanks to the great versatility of its modules and accessories, it solves all work-space organisation and decoration requirements.


  • Like the rest of the systems on the partition range, Movinord Storage wall can be redistributed and its modules are interchangeable. The telescopic bottom runners can be set via levellers to compensate for +/- 20-mm uneven floor surfaces.
  • The different types available cater for the entire range of applications?with back for use on both sides, with hidden back to fit against site walls and without back to fit up against Movinord partitions?; different heights (from 882 mm to false ceiling) and different modules ?with or without drawers, with blind or glazed doors, etc.
  • Easy-to-adjust shelving (32 system) and easy-to-use drawers and filing drawers (telescopic extraction).
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