Freelay floor

The Freeway access floor is elevated flooring formed by 600 x 600-mm steel panels with cold-drawn corners and cement cores installed by positive positioning onto height-adjustable, metal pedestals fixed to the sub-floor. Recommended for use in buildings in which easy plenum access is required.


  • The panels are extremely easy to remove thanks to the screwless, positive positioning system making this floor highly suitable for buildings in which frequent access to the installations is required.
  • Can be adapted to any type of space given that the steel/cement combination provides the panels with outstanding performance under all kinds of load —static, dynamic and impact.
  • Pleasant for users given that the density of the materials used, the weight of the panels and the precise fit make for a floor as silent as an original concrete floor.
  • Meets all of the requirements of sustainable architecture: unalterable regardless of conditions of humidity and temperature, thereby making installation prior to building or wall completion possible. The panels can also be changed around and even reused at different sites.


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