600 lay-on tile

600 x 600-mm lay-on tile metal ceilings are installed on series 24 visible profiling. They are straight-edged to facilitate assembly. Supplied in four finish designs ?plain, perforated, square perforated and micro-perforated? in colours selected from the 27 standard colour range.

  • The material used and the post-painted, cold-draw manufacturing system ensure optimum durability.
  • Perforated surfaces, when used in conjunction with damper fleecing and mineral wool, provide metal ceilings with acoustic absorption levels of between 0.70 aw and 0.95 aw, depending on the thickness and the density of the mineral wool, per UNE- EN 20354.
  • Plain surfaces are damp resistant and have acoustic insulation levels of between 37 dB and 47 dB, per UNE-EN ISO 140-9.
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